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  •   The mission of Biathlon New Brunswick is to promote, develop and administer all aspects of Biathlon in New Brunswick to the highest standard of excellence.


  • To establish and perpetuate an  effective, democratically and ethically based organizational structure with the largest possible number of members and which incorporates gender equity, the official languages of New Brunswick, the aboriginal peoples of New Brunswick and the disabled, and which is free of discriminations, abuse and harassment and the use of prohibited substance

  • To establish and perpetuate an athlete delivery system to produce the best possible competitors for provincial and national events, and for the


  •  To establish and conduct a recruiting, training and administration system for officials, coaches and volunteers. 

  • To establish and operate an annual and long term program of activities for all members.

  •  To implement an annual plan of Biathlon and organizational programs for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers, every year, and which includes selection of a provincial team and Canada Winter Games team as appropriate, a provincial championships, athlete representation at the Canadian Championships, training courses for coaches and officials, and at least three Executive meetings and an Annual General Meeting.

  •  To identify existing facilities and promote, develop and assist in the development of Biathlon facilities in New Brunswick.

  • To establish and operate a system of representation and liaison with all organizations and      agencies that have an impact on Biathlon New Brunswick including yearly representation at the Biathlon Canada Board of Directors meeting and Annual General Meeting and a reciprocally beneficial interface with the Cadet movement, Cross-Country New Brunswick and the other Atlantic provinces.

  •  To produce a sound, effective and democratic constitution and by-laws as soon as possible,   to incorporate as soon as possible, and to explore and exploit all possible and potential sources of revenues and resources with the goal of becoming financially independent as soon as possible.

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