Update :Annual General Meeting 2022

All members of Biathlon New Brunswick are cordially invited to attend the Biathlon New Brunswick Annual General Meeting 2022We will offer 2 option attend the AGM. There will be an in-person option at the Goodie shop restaurant (Downstairs) or if preferred with Zoom video-conferencing.  The Zoom meeting will join concurrently with the members attending in-person.


Time/Date: 13:00 hrs AST, Saturday, 08 0ctober 2022  – expected to be finished by 16:00 hrs.


Place(s):  By Zoom – the Zoom invitation will follow separately.

                   In-Person – Goodie shop restaurant (Downstair), Miramichi, NB


We would encourage the largest possible attendance!


Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone on Oct. 8




PEI September camp

Dear Biathlon NB Members,



The PEI fall camp is coming very shortly, you will find the Camp invite attached to this email.  As we are now returning to normal operations, this will be the instruction for the PEI Summer Camp.  Please advise me of your intention to attend as well as register on Zone 4.



Biathlon NB will participate with an official Team in the Fall Training Camp in

Brookvale, PE during 16-18 September 2022.



1. To provide a pre-snow training opportunity for NB athletes

2. To provide coaching experience for NB coaches

3. To provide team management experience for the NB Team staff



The most recent information about the camp is attached. In that context please note that the organizers are working on providing the Saturday lunch meal. The invitation should be read in conjunction with this instruction.



Registration on Zone 4 for the event is now open.



The camp activity program is given in the attached document.



All travel, accommodation and meals are the responsibility of clubs or individuals.  A subsidy will be provided for the Team Staff members on an individual basis as arranged with the Team Administrator, Paula Cavanaugh. A NB Team fee of $50 is to be paid by all participating athletes. Collection of the fee will be done by the Paula on site.



Athletes are to bring the equipment and necessities as directed in the invitation and by club coaches. 



Clubs are requested to distribute this instruction to their members.

Emergency telephone contact during the camp is to Trent Martin’s cell 506-623-9161

or Paula Septon’s cell 506-623-8118.



Safety will be of the utmost priority during travel to and from the camp and at the

event. All participants must be extremely alert at all times for unsafe situations and

must be vigilantly proactive about prevention of accidents of any kind. All range

safety regulations and firearms safety laws shall be stringently followed.

2022 Camp Invitation 

Biathlon Canada In-Person Entry Level Official Course

Uniform Information

  Attached are details about our new race suits! The fit kit has arrived in NB and will soon be sent to your clubs.  Timing is important to size and move it along.  We are ordering new suits and headbands from Craft Canada (Canada Games hopeful athletes must have a suit).  Race top (with “grips”) $130 and race pants ($100) and headband ($25).  Pictures attached.  I have also been asked about reordering warmup suits from Apogee If we have enough interest we can order those as well.  Jacket ($179) and pants ($159). All prices are plus taxes and shipping. Any questions, contact Paula.